Posted: Nov 22, 2022

Assistant or Associate Scientist

Salary: $87,000.00 - $97,000.00 Annually
Application Deadline: N/A
Core Director

Serve as the ICBR site expert in NextGen DNA sequencing, staying abreast of the latest developments in the field as well as other related fields. Implement detailed laboratory policies regarding complex scientific instrument usage, technical staffing roles, and availability of laboratory services towards the general UF research community. Develop and maintain laboratory SOPs to ensure consistent quality across all staff members. Develop strategic plans for increasing awareness of the shared resource facility and the services provided.

Lead and supervise the core staff of 4 – 6 individuals. Supervisory duties include holding regular staff meetings, performing quarterly performance appraisals using the UF Engaged system, reviewing and approving time, providing necessary trainings, as well as leading process for recruiting new staff. Fulfill requests from ICBR Administration for technical information, policy formulation, strategic decisions, and information dissemination.

Perform the administrative duties necessary for a fee-for-service facility operation, such as data analysis and delivery, weekly billing for services, provide budget and financial oversight. Additional duties include, effective budget management, rate setting and review, and staff recruitment. Serve as a member of the ICBR Senior Staff participating in monthly meetings and strategic planning.

Consult with potential and existing customers/users. Provide guidance for DNA sequencing applications and help develop creative solutions where needed. Oversee and monitor self-user training initiatives while guiding project management and invoicing for services performed. Prepare Statement of Work documents defining appropriate service expectations, project timelines (project completion dates, etc.) and specific deliverables. Assist the customers with the interpretation of results. Implement and oversee customer service practices as specified by ICBR.

Lead process for the acquisition of cutting-edge instrumentation, as well as the development, validation, and implementation of new methodologies in NextGen. Provide support for UF investigator research proposals and manuscripts. Participate in the development and dissemination of sequencing technologies through lectures and preparation of scientific papers/posters for presentation at scientific meetings and may periodically assist in the preparation of shared instrument grant applications.