Posted: Nov 14, 2022

Research Scientist Protein Biochemist

Application Deadline: N/A
Staff Scientist

The Dartmouth Institute for Biomolecular Targeting (bioMT) is seeking an experienced staff member to join its Core Facilities (Molecular Tools Core and Molecular Interactions and Imaging Core). The successful applicant will possess knowledge and hands-on experience on the design, production, and biophysical characterization of recombinant proteins. Will employ high-throughput approaches for construct design and protein expression and develop purification workflows involving multiple chromatographic methods (e.g., AP, IEC, SEC). Previous experience with structural analysis (x-ray, or cryoEM) of proteins and/or in proteomics will be highly desirable. This person will actively contribute to and facilitate multidisciplinary research projects across the Dartmouth community. Other activities include, but are not limited to, data collection and reporting, equipment maintenance, and training of bioMT investigators.

Key accountabilities:

Research/Experiments (65%)

  • Works collaboratively with core facility staff, faculty, scientists, and graduate students from across the Dartmouth community to express and purify recombinant proteins for use in research projects.
  • Independently designs optimal constructs for protein production in E. coli, HEK293, and Sf9/Hi5 cells.
  • Independently optimizes expression conditions and develops purification protocols for diverse protein targets.
  • Develops proficiency in laboratory equipment for protein expression, purification, and characterization, including AKTA systems, centrifuges, and a variety of analytical instruments.
  • Gains experience with diverse biochemical and biophysical techniques, including SPR, ITC, Fluorescence polarization and X-ray Crystallography.
  • Supports proteomics projects by helping with sample preparation, LC-MS/MS applications, and data analysis.
  • Prepare and optimize protein samples for structure determination by cryoEM to support structural biology research projects.
  • As needed, supports eukaryotic cell culture services, including culture maintenance and transfection.
  • Troubleshoots, and recommends solutions to problems associated with experimental design, procedures, and equipment.

Data Collection/Preparation (15%)

  • Collects, analyzes, and interprets data resulting from expression and purification experiments.
  • Performs literature searches to develop information of relevance to current projects.
  • Prepares appropriate and understandable representations of data such as sequence files, graphs, charts, etc.
  • Participates in the preparation of annual reports.
  • Presents data at laboratory meetings, departmental retreats, and scientific conferences.
  • Contributes to the preparation of scientific manuscripts by drafting portions of the text, preparing graphs, tables, and charts, etc. as needed.

Laboratory (10%)

  • Adheres to laboratory safety requirements including general, biological, and chemical/hazardous waste safety disposal methods.
  • Develops SOPs and other documentation for common procedures and methods.
  • Develops and tracks quality-assurance and quality-control metrics.
  • Maintains hardcopy and computerized records associated with laboratory activities.

Training (10%)

  • Provides training in laboratory methods, procedures, and techniques to multiple levels of scientific investigator (graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, staff scientists and faculty).
  • Develops instructional materials as needed.


  • Communicates and coordinates closely with co-directors and core staff, including staff of the Molecular Imaging and Interactions Core (MIIC) within bioMT.
  • Maintains productive collaborations with bioMT investigators.
  • Cultivates a diverse, inclusive, and respectful environment.

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